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Signature Safety offers a full range of safety services for construction and industry.  No matter the size of your organization, our company will deliver customized, flexible, up-to-date safety services. Our company works to protect workers, contractors, reduce losses and insurance costs, ensure compliance with federal and state worker-safety rules, and protect your hard earned reputation.


In-House or On-Site Safety Training

Signature Safety professionals can develop and present training programs tailored to meet your specific needs to increase the competency of your personnel.  Training can be accomplished in our classroom setting or directly at your office or work site. Our training programs and classes are also available in Spanish.




Inspection Services - Site Safety Audits

Signature Safety can conduct comprehensive, OSHA/DOSH-type, physical inspections of your work sites.


  • Pre-Audit Reviews

  • Audit Meetings

  • Comprehensive Audits

  • Site Safety Analysis

  • Findings/Recommendations



On-Site Safety Management

Signature Safety can provide on-site safety management at construction sites to oversee day-to-day activities.  this customized, cost-effective program allows you to manage your projects without making costly staff additions and minimizing injuries, illnesses or fatalities, property damage, business interruption and other losses.


  • Site Safety Coverage

  • Safety Meetings

  • Audits of Programs & Activities

  • Safety Advisor for Projects

  • 24-7 Assistance with OSHA/DOSH, Accidents & Insurance Claims



Customized Safety Programs

Signature Safety can develop Safety Programs or update Existing programs to fit your needs and work site situations.


  • Jobsite Safety Analysis

  • Review and Update Existing Written Documentation

  • Perform OSHA/DOSH Gap Analysis

  • Develop OSHA/DOSH Compliant Rules and Procedures

  • Provide "Site-Specific" Plans



Accident Investigation & Crisis Management

Signature Safety can assist with investigation of work site accidents to determine the root casuses and implement procedures to mitigate future hazards.  We can also assist with development and implementaiton of Emergency Action Plans.


  • Assist or Conduct Accident Investigations

  • Provide Continued Site Support

  • Conduct Safety Briefings

  • Complete Required Documentation



Citation Consulting

Signature Safety can provide the assistance you may require to defend against actions brought as a result of a job site accident.  We can also assist with Citations of the Safety & Health Standards issued by OSHA or other agencies.


  • Case Review & Preparation

  • Expert Testimony

  • Job Safety Analysis

  • Hazard Assessments

  • OSHA/DOSH Informal Conferences

  • Program, Policy & Procedure Evaluations




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